About Us

Reasonable accommodations are not black and white. There is no specific accommodation for each disability. Despite this, society tends to force stereotyped accommodations upon special needs individuals.
Enabled Us has gathered experiences from several successful individuals with disabilities. These amazing individuals have shared what they have found works for them, so that their story may change a life.
The stories these individuals share may contain religious or other opinions that are separate from Enabled Us. Please respect their views, even if they differ from your own.
Enabled Us was created to assist individuals with disabilities and dependent persons on their journey through life. The key focus of this website is to:

  • Help shed light on the different types of accommodations.
  • Share information that may assist individuals with special needs, or their parents, cultivate ideas about ways to approach education.
  • Provide information that assists disabled individuals with choosing a career and understanding their rights once they begin in that career.
  • Assist with understanding the basics of starting a business, including e-commerce, brick & mortar stores, self-publishing and much more.
  • Success is a big part of life, but so is dating. Enabled Us will also provide information and support on dating as a disabled individual